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Product Name: Fall Leaf Bag/ Garden Bag


Color: Green

Size: 60L 45*38cm 16gallon         120L 45*76cm 32gallon         272L 67*76cm 72gallon

300L 67*84cm 80gallon      400L 80*80cm 106gallon      500L 80*100cm 132gallon

Product Features: PP polypropylene coated woven material is waterproof, wear-resistant and dirt resistant

Application: Garden , agriculture , park , street , home storage


1.Convenient handling: the upper and lower handles are designed to save time and effort and facilitate handling

2.Solid material: thickened material, solid and not easy to be damaged

3.Simple installation: equipped with accessories, easy installation, convenient storage, no space

4.Quality fabric: in line with production standards, produced with quality materials, and can be used for many times

5. It can also be used as planting bag. save time and effort. save the series of procedures such as digging and planting, root breaking and soil ball bundling when transplanting, and could be directly transported, save time, effort and cost. high survival rate. easier to transplant, shorter time to transplant, high transplant survival rate. avoid loss water and fertilizer, well developed roots, low planting cost and so on. same material and similar characteristics, can be used as grow bag.


What problems can deciduous fall leaf bags/garden bags help you solve?

1.Reduce waste. Disposable bag, easy to break. Cause environmental pollution

2.Large capacity and strong filling.

3.Easy to clean and store

4.Wide application


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