Why Is Weed Barrier Fabric Recommended?

Weed barrier fabric, also known as weed mat, a kind of ground cover fabric, is a new type of weeding cloth made of environmental protection materials and polymer functional materials. it can prevent sunlight from shining through the ground to the weeds below, control the photosynthesis of weeds, and thus control the growth of weeds.

compared with traditional ground cover film, it has obvious advantages.

Let’s talk about the traditional plastic ground cover film first. Most of them are white or transparent. The thin film, like ordinary plastic bag, does hinder the growth of weeds when laid on the ground. It is because this kind of plastic film is as airtight as the plastic film, covering the weeds from growing. But at the same time, there is no air for the roots of crops in the soil to breathe, so the growth of crops is not very vigorous, and even crops will wither. In order to avoid this situation, it is also necessary to lift the film from time to time to let the crops breathe. After lifting it, the weeds will also get room to grow. This efficiency is really a little low now.

Moreover, the traditional ground film is as easy to cause white pollution as plastic bags. Some planting friends will directly turn the rotten and unusable film into the soil when they see it. The consequence of this is that the nutrition of this land becomes scarce, and it cannot provide the nutrition required for crop growth well, resulting in crop yield reduction in this land; Of course, most planting friends know that the film cannot be degraded, so it takes time and energy to pick up the rotten film from the soil and replace it with a new one.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of the new type of ground cover fabric/ film – weed barrier fabric. It is made of polymer materials, with superior performance, strong shading rate, high strength, non-toxic and environmental protection, and long service life. good air permeability, strong water permeability, good heat preservation and moisture conservation, conducive to crop growth .and tensile and strong toughness, reducing the damage caused by traction during construction and maintenance. The final restrain pests and reduce the damage of pests to crop roots.

90GSM weed barrier fabric / weed mat / weed control way 2 meters width


As shown in the figure, the orchard ground is covered with weed barrier fabric, and most of them choose black, because the shading of black itself will be stronger than other colors, and the important factor of photosynthesis required for plant growth is to be exposed to the sun. Weeds can’t be exposed to the sun, and if they can’t cooperate with light, they will inevitably wither. Unlike plastic ground cover film, weed barrier fabric , because it is woven, will have gaps and strong permeability, The effect in keeping the soil moist is also very good. After being paved and fixed, there is no need to take care of it. After using this kind of ground cover fabric, the weeds are gone, and the crop yield will also be increased!

Weed barrier fabric uses environmental friendly materials, which can be degraded, meets the current requirements for green agriculture, and saves labor costs, which is why it is recommended to the majority of farmers. Moreover, this kind of straw proof cloth has a long service life. Unlike plastic ground cover film, which can’t be reused after one season, the straw proof cloth can be recycled many times (in good condition). The thicker the cloth, the longer the service life, up to 8 years.

BaiAo has been specialized in weaving weed barrier fabrics for 7 years. the weight of products ranges from 60gsm to 120gsm. the maximum width can be about four meters, or it can be spliced. customized services are provided according to the use needs or sales methods of different customers. Both large farms and supermarkets are satisfied.

Post time: Jul-07-2022