What Kinds Of Shade Net Are There? How To Choose?

Shade net, also known as sunshade net ,shade netting and shading net ,etc, is the latest type of protective shading material for agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, outdoor, home and other special purposes, which has been promoted in the past 10 years. After covering in summer, it can block light, rain, moisture and temperature. After covering in winter and spring, it also has a certain effect of heat preservation and humidification. In addition to the function brought by the product material, it also plays a role in blocking privacy.

The shade net on the market can be divided into round silk shade net, flat silk shade net and round flat silk shade net. customers can choose according to their requirements. When choosing, they should pay attention to the color, shading rate, width and other aspects.

What kinds of shading nets in market?
1. Round silk shade net is cross woven by warp and weft, which is mainly woven by warp knitting machine, if both warp and weft are woven by round silk, it is round silk shading net.
2. Flat silk shade net made of both warp and weft threads is a flat silk shade net. This kind of net generally has low gram weight and high sunshade rate. It is mainly used for sunshade in agriculture and gardens.
3. Round flat silk shade net, If the warp is flat, the weft is round, or the warp is round, and the weft is flat, the sun shading
woven net is round and flat.


Flat silk shade net 75GSM,150GSM green color width 1 meter .1.5meters .2 meters .


Round silk shade net 90gsm ,150gsm light green color . width 1meter .1.5meters .2meters

How to choose high-quality shade net?

1. Color
There are many kinds of shade net in common use, such as black, gray, blue, yellow, green, etc. black and gray are the most commonly used in vegetable mulching cultivation. The shading and cooling effect of black shade net is better than that of gray shade net. It is generally used for covering cultivation of green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, baby cabbage, Chinese cabbage, celery, coriander, spinach, etc. in summer and high temperature seasons and crops with low requirements for light and less harm from viral diseases. gray shade net has good light transmission and aphid avoidance effect. It is generally used for covering cultivation of crops with high light requirements and susceptible to viral diseases in early summer and early autumn, such as radish, tomato, pepper and other vegetables. For winter and spring antifreeze coverage, black and gray shade nets can be used, but gray shade nets are better than black shade nets.

2. Shading rate
By adjusting the weft density, the shading rate of the shade net can reach 25% ~ 75%, or even 85% ~ 90%. It can be selected according to different needs in mulching cultivation. For summer and autumn mulching cultivation, the requirements for light are not too high. Cabbage and other green leafed vegetables that are not resistant to high temperature can choose shade nets with high shading rate.
For fruits and vegetables with high requirements for light and high temperature resistance, the shade net with low shading rate can be chosen. Winter and spring antifreeze and frost proof coverage, and the effect of shade net with high shading rate is good. In general production and application, shade net with shading rate of 65% - 75% are generally used. When covering, it should be adjusted by changing the covering time and adopting different covering methods according to different seasons and weather conditions, so as to meet the growth needs of different crops.

3. Width
Generally, the products is 0.9m ~ 2.5m, and the widest is 4.3m.BaiAo can also customize according to their requirements. at present, 1.6m and 2.2m are widely used. In covering cultivation, multiple pieces of splicing are often used to form a large area of the whole cover. When in use, it is easy to uncover, easy to manage, labor-saving, easy to fix, and not easy to be blown up by strong winds. after cutting and sewing, it can also be used as a sunshade for balcony, parking, outdoor, etc. customized according to customer needs.

Post time: Jul-07-2022