Bravely Face To The Wind And Rain, Sticking On The Service Post

On July 4, Jiaozhou, Qingdao received the largest rainfall since 2022. On Monday, the 4th, with the joint efforts of customers and freight forwarders, four containers corresponding to four urgent orders successfully arrived at our loading area first.

In order to ensure that the goods are intact and loaded efficiently, rainproof sheds have been installed in advance before the containers arrive. Three loading workers corresponding to each container have been in place and waiting. The goods to be shipped on the same day are weed barrier fabric in two specifications. One is 60gsm, width is 1meter, and package way is: roll added pallet. The other is 80gsm, with width of 1.1 meters, which is packed in roll directly.

The day before loading, for the loading of the day, after discussion, it is determined that the following issues should be paid attention to:
1.It must be ensured that goods of different specifications are arranged to the storage area in advance according to the contract and packing requirements, and regional differentiation must be made to avoid wrong loading.
2.The volume of pallet goods shall be calculated in advance, the length, width and height shall be measured, and the packing sequence shall be arranged
3.The weight of the container plus cargo shall not exceed 23.5 tons, and shall not be overweight. At the same time, the weight of the head and tail in the container shall not be uneven, resulting in excessive space at the door. Therefore, the quantity of goods should be calculated in advance.
4.Try not to leave more goods

Due to the sudden rainstorm, it has increased the difficulty of loading to a certain extent. The packing order clearly requires that the inside of each container must be kept clean, and there must be no moisture and other problems in the outer packaging of the goods. Therefore, the loading process must be fast, which requires us to calculate accurately before loading to a certain extent. at the same time, we arranged one more worker is arranged for each container. After each row is loaded, a certain degree of water stain cleaning is carried out.

The rainstorm lasted for a day, and by 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the daylight illumination was close to none. under such circumstances, emergency lighting equipment has become the main equipment.

While loading and dealing, everyone still stick on their respective posts in an orderly manner, without confusion. Once in a while, after a short rest, strength will recover and continue to push.

Although there were small troubles in the promotion process, the shipment task was successfully completed with the joint cooperation of everyone for 8 hours.

Since the establishment of Rizhao BaiAo 2015, is always like this. Although we are not the largest factory and do not have too many gorgeous honorary backgrounds, but we have a tacit cooperation team, rigorous working attitude and a working atmosphere of mutual trust. hopping to provide high-quality products and services for every customer. we all take Baiao as a ship, support each other, set sail!!


60gsm,Weed barrier fabric/ weed mat/ weed control  width is 1meter, and package way is: roll added pallet


80gsm,Weed barrier fabric/ weed mat/ weed control  with width of 1.1 meters, which is packed in roll directly.

Post time: Jul-07-2022