Advantages and selection of bird net


What are the advantage of anti-bird net ?


1.Prevent birds from harming fruits. By covering the anti-bird net over the orchard, an artificial isolation barrier is formed to prevent birds from flying into the orchard, which can control the damage of birds to the fruits that are about to mature, and the good fruit rate of the orchard is significantly improved.


2.It is useful for preventing hail. After the anti-bird net is installed in orchard, it can effectively resist the direct attack of Hail on the fruit, reduce the risk of natural disasters, and provide a solid technical guarantee for the production of green and high-quality fruits.


3. It has the functions of light transmission and shading. Anti-bird net has high light transmittance and basically does not affect the photosynthesis of leaves; In summer, the moderate shading effect of anti-bird net can create a suitable environmental condition for the growth of fruit trees.


 What should be considered when selecting the anti-bird net?


At present, there are many kinds of anti-bird net materials in the market, with different quality and prices. When selecting the anti-bird net, should consider the color , size of mesh and service time of net .


1.The color . The colored anti-bird net can refract red or blue light through the sunlight, forcing birds not to come nearly, which can not only prevent birds from pecking fruits, but also prevent birds from hitting the net, so as to achieve the drive and prevention effect. It is found that birds are alert to red, yellow, blue and other colors. Therefore, it is recommended to use yellow anti-bird nets in Hilly and mountainous areas, blue or orange anti-bird nets in plain areas, and transparent or white screens are not recommended.


2. Size and length of mesh. There are many specifications of anti-bird nets. The orchard can choose the size of the mesh according to the species of local birds. For example, small individual birds such as sparrows and mountain bunches can choose 2.5-3cm mesh; It is mainly composed of magpies, turtledoves and other large individual birds, and 3.5-4.0cm mesh can be selected; The wire diameter is 0.25mm. The length of net could be determined according to the actual size of the orchard. Most of the screen products in the market are 100-150m long and 25m wide. After installation, the net should cover the whole orchard.




3. Service time of net. It is best to select the mesh fabric made of polyethylene and heald as the main raw materials and drawn with chemical additives such as anti-aging and anti ultraviolet, which has the characteristics of high strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. Generally, after the fruit is harvested, the anti-bird net should be removed in time and stored indoors. The service life of the net can reach about 5 years under normal use conditions. If the labor cost of loading and unloading the anti-bird net is considered, it can also be fixed on the rack surface for a long time, but the service life will be reduced.

Post time: Aug-24-2022